2018 – White Mountain Grocery

Client: ANICA. Dollar Amount – $1,500,000

Description:  Developed design-build with the client and managed the new construction of a 3,300 square foot grocery store for ANICA Native store in White Mountain, AK.

2018 – Sprung Structure Reskinning.

Client: US Army. Dollar Amount: $285,000.

2021- Scammon Bay 5 Homes Project.

Client – Native Village of Scammon Bay.  Dollar Amount: $2,400,000

Description:  Project management of the construction of five single family homes plus remodel of administrative office into housing rental in Scammon Bay for the Native Village of Scammon Bay. Super-insulated two and four bedroom homes with the designs from the Cold Climate Housing Research Center at UAF campus.


2023 – Merkoryuk Grocery Store Supply Contract.

Procurement of materials and logistics coordination for a grocery store addition and re-skinning of current grocery store in Merkoryuk, Alaska. Client: NIMA Corporation   Dollar Amount:  $573,750.


2018 – Current – AC General Store – $150,000 annually.

Facilities leasing, janitorial and maintenance.

2017- Current-USPS Post Office Leasing – $50,000 annually.

Facilities maintenance, janitorial and leasing.

Other: 2018-Current – 4 Plex Unit – $49,500 annually.

Facilities maintenance, janitorial and leasing.


Client: Navy, Dollar Amount: $962,651.38

N68335-12-D-0113, N68335-12-D-0113-0002,
A/F48T-6A Armament Handling Equipment Test Stand,

ACS has delivered one (1) Pilot production unit and ten (10) production retrofit kits, Level III drawings, training, documentation and spares support.

The A/F48T-6A Conversion in Lieu of Procurement (CILOP) Navy Program upgraded an Armament Handling Equipment Test Stand (AHETS) that is used to apply loads up to 12,000 lbs. on various pieces of Navy armament handling equipment to ensure serviceability.
This CILOP effort required a complete upgrade to the thirty year old Control and Motor Drive Assembly. This program used the existing load frame of the Test Stand as a very cost effective alternative to procuring completely new support equipment, and allowed the existing test stands to remain at their fielded locations. ACS contracted to provide a new Control Console and DC Brushless Motor Drive Assembly that is digitally controlled using the latest Controller Area Network design technology. The new system’s electronics and drive components are designed to fit into the existing load frame to maximize the use and extend the service life of the mechanical load stand structure.

ACS provided the upgrades in the form of retrofit kits which have been installed by Navy installation teams at locations throughout the U.S. and overseas. Training, technical support and documentation has also been provided. The ACS design allowed for installations and calibration of the kits to be accomplished in just two workdays. All components in the retrofit kits are replaceable in less than one hour.

Client: Navy, Dollar Amount: $662,453.00  

Gun Pod Adapters (Build to Print) – F-35,

These GPA’s are Ground Support Equipment for the F-35 aircraft, used for installation and removal of the centerline Gun Pod System. ACS built and load tested 13 production units for Navair Lakehurst in a Navy and Marine configuration. Units were delivered on time and within budget on an accelerated schedule.

Client: Navy, Dollar Amount: $567,657.51  

Common Detent Test Set,

This test set is used for the LAU-115, LAU-118 and LAU-127 Missile Launchers. 142 Kits were produced by ACS for NAWCWD China Lake, CA. on this build-to-print program and are used for I-Level Testing of the above missile launchers.

Client: Navy, Dollar Amount: $158,486


ACS has built and delivered 1 Prototype First Article Test unit, consisting of the following Assemblies Panel Interface Device-J-6862/USM, Cable Assembly Set-MX-12357/USM, Accessory Set-ID MX-12358/USM, ID Holding Fixture Assembly-MT-7329/USM, Sensor Unit, Laser Detecting Set-TS-4547/USM, Case Assembly, Sensor Unit Storage. These were “Build to Print” with a government supplied Technical Data Package, With Final Acceptance at FRCSE Jacksonville.


Build-to-print – ACS built and delivered 2 Prototype First Article Test Sets, consisting of the following Assemblies: Panel Interface Device-J-7001/USM-737, Cable Assembly Set-MX-12580/USM-737, Accessory Set-ID MX-12581/USM-737, Fixture Assembly, Test Interface Device-MX-12582/USM-737.

N68335-11-D-0041 & N68335-11-D-0041-0003,
AN/USM-1 Telecommunications Test Set

ACS has delivered 5 Prototype Test Sets and 46 production units. The AN/UIM-1 Telecommunications System Test Set (TSTS) has been designed by ACS to replace currently used U.S. Navy and Marine Intermediate Level (I-Level) Intercommunication System Testers that perform testing, fault isolation and diagnostics of the AN/AIC-14 and AN/AIC-14A Intercommunication Systems. These legacy testers are predominantly analog in design and are rapidly becoming obsolete and costly to use due to labor-intensive operation supportability issues.
The AN/UIM-1 reduces test time and maintainer intervention through software-controlled automated test programs using a touch screen menu-driven display. This modern design virtually eliminates the need for maintainers to reference hard copy test documentation while testing and troubleshooting Intercommunication System Units-Under-Test (UUTs).
The AN/UIM-1 Telecommunications System Test Set provides excellent fault isolation of unserviceable UUTs, and has been successful in reducing UUT mean man-hours per maintenance action (MMH/MA) by 75-80%.