Quality Assurance

Systems Engineering, Manufacturing, and Quality Assurance Program

  • ISO9001-2015 and AS9100D certified.
  • Formally controlled and audited Systems Engineering, Manufacturing, and Quality Assurance program that determine our approach to meeting requirements for first article and production units.

  • Maintains a comprehensive quality manual as well as detailed policies, procedures, and work instructions documenting the elements of the AS9100D standard.
  • Recurring surveillance audit schedule, and conducts its own internal process audits to ensure continued compliance with the AS9100D standard.
  • All suppliers must meet Quality Assurance requirements before they are added to our list of approved vendors.
  • All suppliers are inspected and/or surveyed prior to approval to ensure compliance with ACS product and process quality requirements.
  • A receiving inspection is conducted on all purchased parts and assemblies.

ANC (8a) Advantage

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    Streamlined, High Threshold Procurement

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    Accelerated Procurement Timeline